ADMIP - Asian Dryland landsurface Model Inter-comparison Project

Dryland constitutes large portion of Asian landsurface. Characterized by smaller amount of rainfall and low productivity, its ecosystem and the society, which depends thereon, have a inherent vulnerability. 

This study aims

1) to assess uncertainties pertained to the prediction of landsurface environment with these models, and
2) to improve accuracies of the prediction. Prediction of landsurface environment of drylands can be made with landsurface models (LSMs) and terrestrial ecosystem models (TEMs). 

Since these models have different process representations and display a large difference in their predictive capability, these aims are achieved through an intercomparison study with a suite of models and data from a selected set of well documented study sites from the Asian dryland region.

In current stage, ADMIP project is using the ground observation from Tongyu Station in northeast China and KBU station from Mongolia, there are 18 models registraed to join the inter-comparison. ADMIP was funded by APN ARCP program 2010-2012, and it is also supported by MEXT-Japan.


ADMIP Project Leading Scientists:

Prof. Jun Asanuma: Tsukuba University
Prof. D Ojima: Colorado State University
Prof. Kun YANG: Institute of Tibetan Plateau, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Kazuaki Yorozu: Kyoto University


ADMIP website:

ADMIP workshops:

1, The 1st ADMIP workshop, 11-12 July 2010, Beijing, China
2, The 2nd ADMIP workshop, 13-14 July 2011, Lanzhou, China
3, The Interium ADMIP workshop, 1-2 Dec 2011, Hokkaido, Japan
4, The 3rd ADMIP workshop, 16-18 May 2012, Colorado, USA

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