RMIP - Regional Modeling Inter-comparison Project

The RMIP project intents to build high resolution climate change scenarios for Asia for 2038-2070 using nine regional climate models’ outputs, and to develop the envelope analysis of ensemble for Asian regional climate projection with the full evaluation and assessment of uncertainty originating from RCM downscaling. Therefore highly confident climate change information can be provided to research communities for impact and adaptation studies, with an envelope analysis of ensembles and uncertainty range. The project also aims to develop new ensemble methods for reducing uncertainties. The objectives of RMIP phase III are:

  • To provide the high confident scenarios of regional climate change in Asia based on an ensemble of the results from multi RCMs.
  • To provide a scientific base for impact, assessment communities and policy makers so that better understanding of monsoon Asia climate change will be achieved, by adequately detect and assess the sources and magnitudes of uncertainty in Asian climate change projection.
  • To set up a regional climate modeling network and establish connection with other regional climate research networks around the world on the base of data and technique sharing.

APN and START, has been supported RMIP activities from the very beginning of this initiative, The APN ARCP project “Building Asian Climate Change Scenarios by Multi-Regional Climate Models Ensemble” was funded 2009-2012. RMIP group leading scientists:

  1. Shuyu WANG(Nanjing University, China)
  2. D. K. Lee(Seoul National University, South Korea)
  3. Koji Dairaku(National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Japan)
  4. Congbin FU(Nanjing University and Institute of Atmspheric Physics, China)
  5. John Leonard McGregor(CSIRO Atmospheric Research, Australia)

RMIP workshops:

1, The RMIP III preparation meeting, 26-28 May 2008, Beijing, China

2, The 1st RMIP III workshop, 28-29 Jan 2010, Tsukuba, Japan

3, The 2nd RMIP III workshop, 26-27 Feb 2011, Melborne, Australia

4, The 3rd RMIP III worksop, 27-29 Feb 2012, Jeju, Korea

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