Urban Zone

AIR quality and WATER security issues were emphasized in the urban zone research, the priority research areas are: 1, energy, emissions and urban air quality; 2, urbanization, flood regimes and disaster management; 3, urbanization and water security. Considering the characteristics of Asian urban development, we combined the MAIRS coastal and urban zones into coastal Urbanziation study of MAIRS.  Asian Urban study, since its complexity and importance to regional sustainable development, is becoming a hot spot for climate change sciences and multi-disciplinary researches. The scientific questions are as following: 

  • What is the magnitude of human-influenced emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols and land use alterations, and how have they contributed to the observed regional forcing of climate change?
  • Where are the gaps in the current understanding of the interactions between emissions and climate processes in Asia and their effects on the regional heat budget and hydrologic cycle?
  • What is the observed variability in the Asian monsoons on interannual to inter-decadal time scale? What are the spatial variation and trends in the rainfall? To what extend are monsoons influenced by human activities?
  • What is the observed variability or trends of extreme events in Asian monsoon region, and relationship with human activities?

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